Welcome to ZABI Ltd.

Our company was established in 1990.

ZABI Ltd. is a production company that develops dynamically, characterised by:
- operating in Poland and its neighbouring countries;
- constant development of production assortment;
- constant extension of production areas;
- turnover increase;
- constant co-operation with about 1000 contractors

The main products made by ZABI Ltd. are wheels and wheel sets used for internal transport equipment and storeroom vehicles (trolleys). A wide range of ZABI Ltd. products includes the following types of wheels:

  • metal-and-rubber,
  • plastic, plastic-and-rubber,
  • aluminium,
  • aluminium-and-rubber,
  • plastic (polyamide or polyamide + polyurethane),
  • cast iron,
  • pneumatic wheels,
  • gate rollers,
  • rollers for pallet trucks,
  • wheels for mowers,
  • furniture wheels.

A supplement of ZABI Ltd. offer includes the following wheel casings:

  • turning,
  • turning with a pin,
  • turning with a brake,
  • turning with a brake (pins are produced for special orders),
  • turning with a hole (installed by the means of a bolt),
  • fixed.

Depending on the needs there is also an opportunity of choosing the following wheel bearings:

  • roller bearing,
  • ball bearing,
  • slide bearing.

ZABI Ltd. offer includes not only pneumatic wheels in fixed or turning casings but also wheels suitable for heavy work loads as well as special sets and basis for scaffoldings.

Wheels produced by ZABI Ltd. are widely used in food, clothing, metal and construction industries and in agriculture.
At our customers' requests, wheels are adjusted to special requirements by for instance making different diameters of pins or by making forms according to the customers' order.
At present, 40 people are employed in ZABI Ltd. and the company co-operates with about 20 other companies.
We are sure that you will be satisfied with our friendly staff, professional consultants and prompt dealing with your order.